Release of .REBOOT

Finally! It took just some ages to get (nearly) finished what I started with a Crowdfunding campaign back in 2016: The translation of my book. It is titled .REBOOT (who would have thought).

The translation had been made by the amazing Anwen Roberts, the cover was created by my old friend Christopher Willner from Chris Cross Media (in fact we know each other for more than 20 years now).

.REBOOT is available as an ebook from several vendors and as a printed edition form Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Please find the links below this post.

After I have printed the Crowdfunding-Edition (which will still take its time) I will finally close this chapter of my journey. Thanks for taking me on this ride. It was and still is somehow a blast.

P.S. The next time I have an idea like this please remember me of this part of my adventures that I will never ever again do such a thing. Thanks.